Why Should We Ignore Ohio State's Gordon Gee

By Corey Elliot
Greg Bartman-USA Today Sports Images

Unfortunately, we live in a world today that is so sensitive that you can’t walk placing your left foot before your right because you will probably offend someone somewhere.

Do I agree with what Ohio State President Gordon Gee said? Of course not, however, do I think that the universities trustees should be embarrassed”? No. That in itself is laughable.

Give me a break, people.

Why are we all so quick to take something out of context? He said it as he was laughing, poking fun at Notre Dame because they have had every opportunity to join the Big Ten and chose to do a lousy half-committed ACC schedule.

I understand that you can’t say certain things about certain races, religions and even political views. But did he really go out on a limb and make an awful joke about Catholicism? No. It wasn’t right off of Daniel Tosh’s teleprompter or made in bad taste with the intention to insult. I also understand mass media probably isn’t the best place for such comments — for those of you who will counter every word of my argument.

But, still, he didn’t say anything that was so alarmingly disturbing that we should be crying this much over.

I’m sick and tired of Jane and John Doe crying a river over this type of thing. Gee made a dumb joke in a failed attempt to lighten a situation. He wasn’t maliciously ranting about the views and practices of Catholicism.

Get over it already. What is so hard about listening to what someone said and simply saying, “well, that was a stupid joke”, without getting upset and tangled in emotion?

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