Gordon Gee Retiring from Ohio State

By M. Shannon Smallwood
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Well Big 10 and Ohio State Buckeye fans, it’s official. Gordon Gee has announced his retirement from the university as of July 1.

“Without question, the university has achieved remarkable success, and it has been my honor and calling to lead it,” Gee’s email reads, via The Columbus Dispatch. “Ohio State is well-positioned for the future. I love this university, and my relationship with it will continue.”

And that is exactly what will happen. Even though Gee is stepping away as the president, he will still continue his traveling variety show that raises 10s of millions of dollars monthly for the university. So for all of you out there who are cheering because your YouTube documentary or your Twitter mantra was the straw that broke Gee’s back, pipe down.

Were Gee’s comments crazy and over the top? Yes. Without a doubt. Gee is from a different time. A time where these traveling summer shows were lighthearted and fun. A time where you could poke fun at your rivals in front of your family and then share quips on the golf course sipping scotch with your “rivals”.

But along the way, America forgot how to take a joke as well as tell one. How do fraternities and sororities survive without killing one another these days?

Could Gee have done a better job in handling his comments? Yes. But did all of you high and mighty folks out there really think you’ve won with his retirement? Gee will not be put out to pasture. In fact, look for his appearances to go up after July 1 and for his recording-breaking fundraising for the university to continue.

The truly funny thing in this whole situation is that Gee was attacked for slamming religious leaders. In today’s world, isn’t that rewarded with a promotion, a new car, free health insurance, a cell phone and a stack of lottery tickets? Looks like the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are that powerful after all if it can get the insane culture in America to forget the debate was over the evil Catholics.

So enjoy your world tour Gee. All of us will wait patiently for your HBO comedy special and your show to arrive at a local Buckeye Booster Club.


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