Of Course, Gordon Gee Tucks His Tail and Runs From Ohio State Buckeyes

By Devin O'Barr

This last week has been a whirlwind for Gordon Gee, but quite frankly, he deserves all of the scrutiny that the NCAAF media can conjure up. A week ago, I referred to the Ohio State Buckeyes president as a bigot, but now the only word that seems to do him justice is coward.

College football is as crooked as an Illinois politician, so Gee’s derogatory comments about the SEC and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish didn’t shock me whatsoever. For those of you who missed it, Gee called the leaders at Notre Dame “holy hell” to deal with and went on to say “you just can’t trust those damn Catholics.”

Well, any time comments like that hit the fan, a resignation is usually in the works. Gee was immediately nailed by critics across the country, but surprisingly was kept on by the university because who really cares about ethics in college football anyway, right?

Anyone who is tough enough to call out a religion like that should be strong enough to take the heat, yet Gee tucked his tail and ran like any middle school loudmouth. Hopefully, this chaos that Gee has created doesn’t sidetrack the football team nor any other Buckeyes club.

Unfortunately, the mess that the OSU president created will no longer be on Gee’s plate as the old-timer said “It is also time for me to re-energize and refocus myself” on Tuesday.


Either way, the shady ex-president can make his comments about the apparently-slow SEC officials in the privacy of his own home from here on out.

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