Pinstripe Bowl Leaves Big 12

By jameskelleher
Brad Penner- USA Today Sports

Earlier this week the Big 12 announced that the New Era Pinstripe Bowl will be leaving the Big 12 in order to team up with the Big 10. The Pinstripe Bowl will not only be leaving the Big 12 behind but the Big East as well. As part of the four year deal a Big 10 team will play an ACC team in order to complete the four year deal between the two conferences.

The Pinstripe Bowl got its start back in 2010 with the idea being a Big 12 team and a Big East team would face off once a year at Yankee stadium on New Year’s Eve. All three years so far the weather has been cold and snowy allowing college football fans something to look forward to each year. The unpredictable weather and high paced action between the Big East and the Big 12 have intrigued fans from all over the country.

Although the Big 12 is 0-3 in the Pinstripe Bowl the conference is without a doubt sad to see the game leave their hands financially. Many complaints have arisen about the game, however, and the weather as well as the game being on New Year’s Eve tops that list. The game has been so cold in the past that press members have been given complimentary hats and gloves just to be able to sit in the press boxes in comfort.

As the Big 12 realigns its bowl lineup and tries to find a new home in Florida in the Russell Athletic Bowl or Gator Bowl, the conference looks for bigger and better things moving forward.


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