John Atkins Making Freshman Mistakes Off the Field for Georgia Bulldogs

By Tyler Brett
Mark Richt
Dale Zanine – USA TODAY Sports

It was Alex Rodriguez who said, “When you’re young and stupid, you’re young and stupid.” While A-Rod was talking about injecting over-the-counter steroids into his hip, the underlying message is applicable too all young men in all sports. Such is the case for incoming freshman defensive tackle John Atkins who enrolled with the Georgia Bulldogs last January and found himself in lockup last week.

Atkins was pulled over for a seat-belt infraction and the officer determined that he was driving without a valid driver’s license. Both offenses are misdemeanor infractions that landed him in the Clark County jail before posting $1,000 bond and getting released 35 minutes later. Nothing remarkable about that outside of the usual poor judgement of youth, right?

Well, as it turns out, Atkins was on his way to his local DMV to clear up the licensing issue. So, with full knowledge that his license was not valid, Atkins got in a car and drove towards the DMV…and didn’t bother to make sure he was following all the other laws of the road to prevent getting pulled over. If you know that you aren’t supposed to be driving, is it too much to ask that you buckle up to avoid getting pulled over and having an officer of the law confirm that you’re not supposed to be driving?

That would be like an individual with a warrant in another state throwing trash on the ground until officers came to chat with him. If you’re going to knowingly break one law that is not immediately identifiable, why would you then compound it by breaking a smaller, yet very noticeable, law to draw attention to yourself?

But when you’re young and stupid, then you’re young and stupid. But the biggest lesson we can take away from this whole ordeal is that Mark Richt has clearly lost control of the DMV.

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