Georgia Bulldogs Football: Lack of an Indoor Facility Could be Hurting Recruiting

By Ranting Dawg
Mark Richt Georgia Bulldgos SEC Championship
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A common argument between Georgia Bulldogs fans is whether an indoor facility is necessary for today’s level of preparation needed in college football, and in the SEC in particular. Some fans believe it is not needed at all, while others believe the Bulldogs would have been more prepared for their matchup with the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2012 SEC Championship with it, and it could have given them the x-factor they needed to win.

Some fans think that the Bulldogs already have an indoor facility, which is actually more of a small 25-yard indoor room attached to the weight training facility that is used to run plays and make Youtube videos. The Auburn Tigers and the Clemson Tigers each have new full size indoor facilities that recruits really seem to love.

Some fans believe that the lack of an indoor facility is also hurting recruiting, as many recruits see it as a very big plus to have a facility to practice in during periods of bad weather and also it “looks cool”.

Many fans remember the hype the Bulldogs had going into the 2011 season opener against the Boise State Broncos. They remember how it was nearly a sure thing for the Bulldogs to walk into the home state Georgia Dome and walk all over the measly little Broncos.

The fact of the matter is that the Broncos were far more prepared to play a game on turf as their home stadium is a blue FieldTurf product. During many plays, the Bulldogs seemed to be slipping and sliding, causing missed catches and missed tackles and causing running backs and defensive backs feet to slide on cuts. The home town Bulldogs were not ready and they were carved up by Kellen Moore.

The same year, in the same stadium, the Bulldogs faced the LSU Tigers for the 2011 SEC Championship and after playing very well the first half, they began to fall behind and by the end of the game, the 42-10 score made it look like they were never even in the game.

In the 2012 SEC Championship, the Bulldogs were five yards away from winning before the turf took any real effect on them; but when it did, the game was ended because of it.

Recruiting is a game of inches just like football; a player can make a decision based on small differences and in the ultra-competitive world we live in, every advantage should be taken to maximize your chances to win. Some teams realize this and they spend the money on facilities to impress as well as be effective in game preparation.

Mark Richt has gone on record saying he does not feel the need to build a full-size indoor facility if it wasn’t close enough, because he feels it would waste too much time bussing players from the Butts-Mehre building.


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