Oklahoma Sooners Quarterback Selected in MLB Draft, Will Not Sign

By Curt Popejoy
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The Oklahoman is reporting that sources close to recent Oklahoma Sooners football recruit, quarterback Cody Thomas, will not sign with the New York Yankees after being selected in the 30th round of the MLB draft. There was a great deal of speculation when he was signed that he might never be one of the Sooners, assuming he was selected high enough.

But the No. 7 ranked pro style quarterback fell to the 30th round after being projected by some to end up in the top 10 rounds. This was huge because it was most likely due to his potential desire to play football. Just as the Sooners brought him in with the understanding that he might move on to baseball, any team that considered drafting him would do so with the potential of him never being there. And with the way the CBA works in major league baseball, selecting Thomas too soon could have cost them money. I don’t fully understand all the ins and outs of the MLB collective bargaining agreement, but it’s safe to say Thomas was a risk that teams didn’t want to take.

This is great news for the Sooners. Thomas will now be able to play football and baseball for the university and for a program that has struggled to bring in elite talent recently, getting a player top 10 at their position is huge, and would have been a shame to have lost. Thomas’ role with the Sooners at this point is strictly learning. He’s likely the fourth quarterback on the depth chart after Blake Bell, Trevor Knight and Kendal Thompson. If all three get out of fall healthy, the Sooners could even redshirt Thomas to let him keep his four years of eligibility. Bell, Knight and Thompson are very different in their approach to the game, and after watching the spring game, it looks like at least for this season the Sooners offense is going to transition from the Air Raid attack everyone is so used to seeing, to more of a zone read offense. Thomas will have to be patient and wait for his opportunity to show what he can do.

I have often cautioned against players signing with teams that are already deep at a given position, especially quarterback because it limits their opportunities so much. But as an Oklahoma fan, I am very glad to have Thomas in the fold, even if I’m not sure if he’ll be on the field any time in the next two seasons.

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