Clemson Tigers' Broken Rock is a Microcosm Of College Football

By Devin O'Barr
Clemson Tigers Rock
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the traditions in college football are just downright pointless. Only in NCAAF would it be perfectly rational to think that rubbing a rock is magically going to make you play better. Well, the Clemson Tigers have been rubbing Howard’s Rock for nearly 50 years and may be in danger of losing the useless icon.

Apparently, someone on the Clemson campus has grown tired of the tradition and decided they would chisel out nearly 15% of the rock and take it home for themselves; by the way, this has fraternity prank written all over it. Fortunately for the Tigers’ faithful, the rock can be fixed for a mere $500 and will remain a mainstay in “Death Valley” this season.

When this story first broke, I figured it was a perfect microcosm of just how crooked, corrupt and fake the world of college football actually is.

Just like the thousands of wins and numerous trophies that have been stripped from college programs and athletes alike, the all important rock has been diminished. Lacking integrity, college football is a place full of arrogance when it comes to not paying its athletes.

For years, the issue of money has never came up — unless it’s negotiation time for millionaire coaches like Nick Saban, then we hear all about it.

Just like Howard’s Rock at Clemson, the bigots that built college football are slowly but surely starting to get chipped away. College football fans with integrity can only hope that the pompous fools in college football will soon erode.

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