Three Navy Football Players to be Charged in Sexual Assault Case

By Jack Jorgensen
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, the United States Naval Academy announced that they will charge the three members of the football program that have been under investigation in a recent sexual assault case. The school released a statement to, detailing the situation.

The reported incident happened in April of 2012, where a female midshipman claims that she was sexually assaulted in an off-campus house by the three players in question, although their names have yet to be released. All we know about them at this point is that all were still able to participate in last year’s football season while the investigation was ongoing, and one senior was prevented from graduating back in May because of the incident.

This particular case was actually considered closed at one point back in November. However, after the alleged victim reached out to her lawyer, it was re-opened back in February of this year.

A case like this, while unfortunate, also brings light to a problem that Congress had been beginning to draw attention to right as this situation began to arise. It’s been speculated that handling of sexual assault cases have not been taken as seriously as they should have by higher-up military officials.

And this is exactly the type of issue that the alleged victim’s attorney, Susan Burke, is accusing Naval officials of exploiting.

NCIS officials did in fact close the case back in November, as stated earlier. However, she believes that they didn’t put forth the type of effort in their investigation as they could have to render a definitive conclusion.


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