Big Ten, Pac-12 to Hold Teleconference Monday, Possible New Bowl Tie-Ins

By Jack Jorgensen
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

As the conference continues to expand and try to become even more profitable than it already has, executives of the Big Ten Conference still understand that their presence on the West Coast is virtually non-existent. Aside from their annual appearance in the Rose Bowl, the postseason exposure they receive is quite limited on that side of the country.

Well, according to ESPN’s Big Ten Blog, an announcement may be on its way on Monday that should end up helping that cause.

This is incredible news for Commissioner Jim Delany and the conference that he oversees. Not only will the conference get more postseason exposure on the Pacific coast, but there’s always something intriguing in any sport about a good East Coast-West Coast matchup.

As reported, in addition to the Rose Bowl contest, participants from each conference will also meet in the Holiday and Kraft Fight Hunger Bowls, played in San Diego and San Francisco respectively.

According to the Associated Press, this announcement also means that the Fight Hunger Bowl will move up the Pac-12‘s selection list. With the Rose Bowl becoming a part of the new College Football Playoff, the Fight Hunger will have the fourth selection from the Pac-12, behind the Holiday and Alamo Bowls.

All of this follows the recent announcement of the Big Ten joining forces with the Pinstripe Bowl in New York City, also giving the conference big-time postseason exposure.

With most conference’s implementing Grant of Media Rights, conference realignment for the time being is virtually impossible. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get a different flavor to some of our beloved bowl games.


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