Rushel Shell Will Not Return to Pitt Panthers

By Jack Jorgensen
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, amid the reports that former Pittsburgh Panthers running back Rushel Shell may have had a change of heart about a possible transfer to the UCLA Bruins, while at the same time developed an interest about returning to western Pennsylvania, I explained his whole situation as being “tiresome.” The constant back and forth since April has become redundant. Yesterday seemed as if it may be a step towards the end of that, and we were headed towards a return to normalcy.

Well, apparently, a return to normalcy was about as possible as Shell going back to Pitt.

According to various outlets, including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, we’ve learned that the school never really left the door open to Shell returning to the program. And while I usually never try to exploit my personal opinion too much, this is a decision that I fully endorse by head coach Paul Chryst and staff.

This has been a whirlwind of controversy from the start and, smartly, the Panthers are washing their hands clean of this mess.

When Shell first decided that he no longer wanted to be a Panther, the obvious rumor right from the beginning was that the back would head out to Tempe and join former coach Todd Graham as a member of the Arizona State Sun Devils. To prevent this from occurring, the school restricted him from making this move, and UCLA soon became the primary target for the Pa. native.

It should be noted that the Cal Golden Bears were also considered a viable option for his services as well.

But, where we go from here remains to be seen.

With really no public comments being made by any parties involved, we still don’t know what Shell’s motive is. Did he decide that he is unhappy with UCLA? Did he realize that he can better utilize his talents in the ACC rather than the Pac-12? That’s the thing, we don’t know.

At this point though, I wish we did.


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