Texas A&M: Is Johnny Manziel Becoming Most Unlikable Player In College Football?

By jasonhall
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Jerry Lai – USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was one of the most talked about players in college football during his historic Heisman Trophy-winning season last year. However, the Aggies standout has gained just as much negative attention for his use of social media, maturity issues and off-the-field actions during the offseason.

Manziel’s latest episode involved his outcry of displeasure at College Station and his wanting to leave the A&M campus. Many speculate that Manziel, who is eligible for the NFL Draft after the upcoming season, was actually close to leaving Texas A&M despite high expectations entering the season.

Manziel has come along way from his heroic upset of  eventual national champion Alabama and becoming the first Freshman to capture the Heisman. His image amongst fans is definitely taking a hit from a PR standpoint.

Manziel may be loved by Aggies fans, but he is definitely becoming less likeable to others. Although one could easily argue that Manziel is just a college kid with too much pressure and attention focused on his actions, there are many that would look past that and jump to quick judgement.

Fanbases, particularly in the SEC, will already focus their jeers toward him on ability alone. Now that his image has taken a toll and he has become unlikeable to many, he will likely be booed unmercifully by opposing crowds.

But the biggest problem Manziel’s actions and attitude create are when his future is at stake. Many NFL teams could pass on him if he draws the wrong image of a franchise quarterback.

Personally, I see Johnny Manziel more as a kid enjoying the spotlight of being “the big man on campus” not only at College Station, but amongst the entire game of college football. If you put yourself in his shoes, at 20-years-old and being the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, it is doubtful that the same critics wouldn’t take the advantages that Manziel has.

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