Meet Damion Terry: Michigan State's Next Star Quarterback Poised For Title

By Connor Muldowney
Damion Terry
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When you start looking back at all the great Michigan State Spartan quarterbacks, you begin to wonder where the past few starting quarterbacks would stack up on the list of the best. Looking at the starting quarterbacks for the Spartans since 2000, there have been nothing but great QBs.

Starting with Jeff Smoker in 2000-03, then Drew Stanton from 2004-06, Brian Hoyer in 2007-08 and Kirk Cousins from 2009-11, Michigan State has had their fair share of solid NFL-worthy signal-callers.

Andrew Maxwell will be the latest on the list on MSU quarterbacks, but it will be up to him to make it on the list of the top to go through the system. He had a rough 2012 season, but 2013 will be a different story — or so he hopes. However, there will be a freshman quarterback that could be challenging him every step of the way, something that has not happened in the Mark Dantonio era.

His name is Damion Terry, and he is a four-star quarterback from Cathedral Prep High School in Erie, Penn. looking to make a difference at Michigan State. I talked with Terry about his upbringing and his hopes of bringing Rose Bowl and national titles to Michigan State. Here’s a little Q&A with the future star.

Q: How did you get into football as a kid?

Damion Terry: My family was big Pittsburgh Steelers fans and just from always watching the Steelers games really encouraged me to play football.

Was it always your goal to play football in college?

DT: Yes, always, ever since I was a little kid.

Have you always been a quarterback?

DT: My whole life. I played running back until eighth grade, then I was changed to quarterback.

Do you have any nicknames from the football field that are worth sharing?

DT: Surprisingly, I don’t have any nicknames really. Besides, a lot of people call me “6” because that’s my number.

Favorite football experience so far in your life?

DT: Winning the state championship my senior year in high school.

What are you most looking forward to about you college experience at Michigan State?

DT: Just being able to play football at a Big Ten powerhouse in Michigan State and hopefully win a Rose Bowl.

What has Coach D said to you about the upcoming season? How confident is he about this team’s future?

DT: Just that they’re really looking forward to it because last year was a down year, and we want to bounce back this year and show everyone that last year was just a fluke. And he is very excited of the future of Michigan State football.

Do you believe you will redshirt, or does coach Dantonio want to give you a fair shot at the starting job?

DT: As of now I am not red-shirting.

Many MSU fans are already talking about the talent you bring to the table. What does it mean to have that kind of hype surrounding you before your college career even starts?

DT: It means a lot, but always at the same time it puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders, but I’m looking forward to it and really excited about the opportunity.

I know you are coming in with your high school teammate Delton Williams. Is there a goal that both of you would like to achieve while at Michigan State either as individuals, or as a team?

DT: Just to earn a degree and win a National Championship or a Rose Bowl, and the chance that both of us will be able to have successful careers that we had in high school.

What team are you most looking forward to facing (obvious answer I know) and why?

DT: Michigan, because it’s biggest rivalry and they are in the same state as us, so it shows who owns that state … and also Penn State, because its my home state team.

Where do you see this team heading in the next couple of seasons?

DT: Only up from here.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind at MSU?

DT: Same one or even better then Kirk Cousins, who was my idol.

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