Chip Kelly: Former Oregon Ducks Coach Gets Out While He Can

By Jack Jorgensen
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As former Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly is vehemently trying to put together an offense for the Philadelphia Eagles that will wow the NFL masses, today his former school was hit with the sanctions that many figured would drop any time now. Some have already said that the Ducks got off easy, while others feel it was just what they deserved, especially given the way they cooperated with the NCAA throughout the process.

Either way, one aspect of this is undeniable. Chip Kelly won’t have to see any of what happened today through.

Now, the ironic part is that Kelly indeed receive a punishment from the NCAA this morning. The coach was given an 18-month show-cause penalty, basically meaning that it would be useless for any major college program to hire him until Dec. 25 of 2014.

Oh, my. That’s devastating, isn’t it?

I’m hoping that everyone picked up on my sarcasm there. Actually, I feel that I lost a tad bit of my integrity even using the word “punishment” earlier to describe this nonsense.

None of that actually matters to Kelly. In the end, he’s in the process of re-shaping the Philadelphia Eagles and, given some kind of catastrophic event, will still be doing so around the time of December 2014. I’m fairly certain that the fact that he can’t jump right back into the college game is breaking his fast-paced driven heart.

From the beginning of this, Kelly has been the thermometer to gauge how hot the temperature was about to get in Eugene. There were whispers two years ago that Kelly may be thinking about the NFL move, however he returned to Oregon last season. It was then that we all knew that the Ducks wouldn’t be under any kind of scrutiny. Once it was announced earlier this year that Kelly would indeed try his hand at the pro-level, the first thought that crossed anyone’s mind was the impending sanctions that would be placed upon everyone’s favorite colorfully-clad squad.

Like a quarterback in his offense having to constantly read a defensive end’s movements, all you had to do was read Kelly’s to know what was going to happen here. The captain of the ship jumping off right before it sinks.

It’s a sad reality, but a reality nonetheless.


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