South Carolina Gamecocks: How Much Longer Will Steve Spurrier Coach?

By jasonhall
Jeremy Brevard – USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier is not only regarded as one of the best current head coaches in the SEC but as an all-time great in the history of the conference. The seven-time SEC Coach of the Year ranks second all time in conference victories — 122 — and first amongst SEC coaches in NCAA wins — 208.

But at age 68, the question has to be asked, “Just how long will the “Old Ball Coach” continue coaching college football?”

Spurrier dominated the SEC landscape upon taking over at his alma matter Florida in 1990. The Gators’ spread offense was nearly unstoppable and inspired many current teams’ offensive schemes.

After leading Florida to a 1996 national championship and six SEC championships, Spurrier opted to join the NFL as the head coach of the Washington Redskins. The move proved to be a failure, and the longtime SEC coach returned to his home conference, this time with South Carolina.

Since his arrival in 2003, Spurrier has turned the once hapless Gamecocks into an annual SEC East contender. Expectations have continued to increase for South Carolina each year, including 2013, as they boost one of the best players in the country: Jadeveon Clowney.

Age may be the only thing that would truly stop the Spurrier train from continuing to roll down the track. He may have the most talented group of players he’s possessed since taking over the South Carolina coaching position. Expectations for another successful season in Columbus are as high as they’ve been in the recent years of dominance.

But as Spurrier is inching ever closer to his 70s, the questions about how long he will continue to coach will start to appear. At this point, it doesn’t seem as though he has any reason to stop, as he has a comfortable job and is chasing down Paul “Bear” Bryant‘s all-time SEC wins record, trailing the legendary coach by only 37 wins.

Spurrier seems to be in good health and could coach for several more years if he feels suited to. It wouldn’t be wise to bet against the “Old Ball Coach” in continuing his impressive SEC tenure.

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