South Carolina Gamecocks Likely to Use QB Rotation Again in 2013

By Tim Letcher
Jeremy Brevard, USA TODAY SPORTS

In most situations, the old saying is true. That is, if you have two quarterbacks, it means that you don’t have one. At least, not one that can handle being “the man”.

No head coach has put this theory to the test more than Steve Spurrier, now the head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks. During his stint in Gainesville as head coach of the Florida Gators, Spurrier would liberally rotate quarterbacks, sometimes from play-to-play. His hope was to eventually find the hot hand who could lead him to victory in that particular game.

Spurrier went to the quarterback rotation at times last year with the Gamecocks. While the starter, Connor Shaw, was injured, his backup, Dylan Thompson, played well at times, prompting the Ol’ Ball Coach to use both signal callers.

This is actually a solid strategy in Columbia for the 2013 season. Shaw and Thompson each bring different skills to the Gamecocks, which could benefit Spurrier’s plan.

Shaw is more of a running, gritty, hard-nosed quarterback. He gets the job done as evidenced by his 17-3 record as a starter. He is also an inspiration to his teammates, as he played through numerous injuries last season.

Thompson is more of the drop-back passer of the two. He showed his skills last season in a win, on the road, over the Clemson Tigers and in the Gamecocks’ Outback Bowl win over the Michigan Wolverines.

While in the past Spurrier may have been trying to prove a point by playing more than one quarterback in a game, it would actually be a solid strategy for this season’s team. Look for Shaw and Thompson to each get their share of the snaps in 2013.

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