Why Would Ohio State's Urban Meyer Allegedly Snitch On His Former School Florida?

By Alex Dale
Greg Bartram- USA TODAY Sports

Urban Meyer is just about two months from the start of his second season at Ohio State, when the Buckeyes host mighty Buffalo on August 31st.  But already, Meyer’s days back in Gainesville, where he led Florida to two SEC Titles and two BCS National Championships, are starting to come back to him.  It is hard to deny that Meyer has used some less than reputable practices to run his programs.  He will stop at nothing to win big recruits and puts nothing above the well being of his program. That is part of what makes Meyer such a winning coach and why he has had so much success wherever he has been.  But along with the winning, there have been rumors and allegations of Meyer’s unethical wrongdoings.

But Meyer may have outdone himself with this story.

Tuesday night, Clay Travis broke the story on Fox Sports that claims Meyer snitched on his former Gators to the NCAA.  According to Travis’s story, Meyer reported that a former assistant of his at Florida, who remains with the Gators’ program, had minor contact with Curtis Samuel, a recruit from New York, which Meyer believed was an infraction of NCAA rules.  The NCAA found no actual wrongdoing by the Florida assistant coach. While Florida was not found guilty by the NCAA of anything, they did lose out on Samuel.  He later released his top five list, which although it did not have Florida, did have Meyer’s Buckeyes.

Meyer has since denied that he had anything to do with the accusations of violations by Florida and has said it was done by the Ohio State compliance office. However, the notion that anything happens in the Ohio State athletics program that has any impact on the football team without Meyer’s consent is preposterous.  Meyer is the ultimate program control freak, and nobody at Ohio State would dare do anything, especially involving Meyer’s former school, without Meyer being involved and in support.

Did Meyer really snitch on his old school, with charges that were not even found to be NCAA violations nonetheless, just to gain an advantage in the recruitment of an exciting prospect?  It would appear so, and if that is the truth, that is as shady as it gets; even for Urban Meyer.

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