Texas A&M Aggies to Auction Off Specialty 12th Man License Plate

By Kris Hughes
texas a&m helmet
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As any college football fan knows, Texas A&M Aggies followers are some of the most passionate in the game. They never hesitate to show pride for their team and their school, in any way possible. It appears the Aggies may have found another lucrative avenue in a partnership with the State of Texas that will allow one lucky member of the 12th Man to be semi-official, and line the school’s coffers in the process.

According to Culture Map, Texas A&M has partnered with the vanity license plate website MyPlates to create a specialty 12th Man plate which will be sold to the highest bidder following a month-long auction that begins on August 12th.

Here’s a prototype design of the plate:

Texas A&M 12th Man Vanity Plate
Image Courtesy – MyPlates Website

The winner of the 12th man plate has “rights” to it for a 10-year period at which time it will be auctioned off again. You can bet with Aggie pride at an all time high — the football team has a legit shot at a National Championship this season with Heisman winner Johnny Manziel at the helm — that this plate will go for high dollar.

There are plenty of big-money A&M alumni that would love the chance to show this sucker off and prove they are truly the most “red-ass” of the bunch, a term of endearment in the Aggie culture. The previous record for a MyPlates auction came when someone shelled out $25,000 for this Houston plate:

Image Courtesy – MyPlates Website

Regardless of how much the plate draws at auction, the proceeds will be going to help out the General Revenue Fund of Texas and Texas A&M. Let’s hope the Aggies use that money to serve an underprivileged group.

My bet is they will and this will become a great tradition to go along with all others in Aggieland.

Another bet is the Texas Longhorns will follow suit in short order.

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