Options Now Wide Open for Elite 11 MVP Sean White

By Jack Jorgensen
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The list of future great college quarterbacks that have made their way through the Elite 11 QB camp since its inception in 1999 is exactly that–elite. Tim Tebow, Matthew Stafford, Matt Leinart, Vince Young and Troy Smith are just a few examples of the type of talent that comes out of the yearly camp that eventually go on to have star-studded, record-breaking collegiate careers. The Elite 11 was our first introduction to these future stars.

With this year’s edition winding down this past week, the country was introduced to this year’s camp MVP, Sean White.

Out of Hollywood, FL, White is rated by 247Sports as a three-star, pro-style prospect. He’s not currently committed to any one particular school at the moment, while at the same time having some good offers on the table for his future. Schools such as Boston College, Houston, South Florida and West Virginia are among some of the institutions that have looked into acquiring the services of the 6-2, 208-pound signal caller. And while all are viable options for any high school football player, securing an award such as the Elite 11 MVP can open up even more doors that weren’t even visible before.

And, that is exactly the opportunity that White now has in front of him.

In speaking to 247Sports recently, he was asked if there were any schools that he is looking for offers from specifically. In response, the QB noted that he would love to pick something up from Notre Dame, North Carolina and Arizona State. Also, in the same sit-down, he cited that he believes that Wisconsin and Auburn may be close to offering him an opportunity to join their respective squads.

While White was undoubtedly the underdog going into the competition as it pertained to name recognition, he let his talents speak for themselves on the field to climb past everyone. He led his team to the overall 7-on-7  championship while at the same time displaying all of the tools that can potentially make him a great college quarterback, no matter where he winds up. His drops are flawless, he was able to handle the rigorous mental challenges of the Elite 11 coaches with ease, he’s accurate no matter which side he’s rolling to and he showed the ability to lead. All of these are makeups of a future great.

Displaying these traits, among others, on a national stage for all to see have now created endless opportunities for the young man. While White stated that he “hopes” to hear from a few select schools, I’m almost certain that he will soon, if he hasn’t already. They would be certifiably insane not to contact him.


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