Kevin Sumlin Should Put Johnny Manziel on a Leash Again

By Sam Kwiatkowski

Ever since Johnny Manziel took home the Heisman trophy in December of 2012, his reputation has went way downhill. There have been reports of Johnny “Football” partying in nightclubs, engaging in fights, being sent home from the Manning Passing Academy, among other immature acts.

The childish behavior Manziel has displayed all offseason is not only hurting his reputation and future in football, but it’s putting a black-eye on Texas A&M University.

Luckily for Manziel, he has yet to commit acts that would completely take away his chance at playing football at TAMU next season. However, it is only a matter of time until Manziel gets caught in the wrong place with the wrong crowd and America watches his promising future go down the drain.

There is only one person who has the power to control the mess Manziel has put himself into. It’s not his mom, dad nor any relative, but the one person who can lead Manziel into the right direction is Texas A&M Head Football Coach, Kevin Sumlin.

First, Sumlin must lay down the law and put strict rules down for Manziel during the season and offseason. The punishment for any poor action will be a immediately suspension and possible dismissal from the team. If Manziel is caught doing anything “illegal”,  his time as a Texas A&M Aggie will be in jeopardy.

Some will say that Sumlin doesn’t have the power to do this as a coach; this is true in some cases. However, with Manziel, you have a guy that represents not only the football team but your entire university. When you think of Texas A&M, the first thing that comes to your mind is Johnny Manziel, and when his police reports are the only thing being talked about on the national news, Texas A&M University is in trouble.

Going forward, Manziel should be presented with two options: Either listen to Coach Sumlin’s rules or go find a spot on another college roster. He does not have the power to diminish the reputation that Texas A&M has built.

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