Johnny Manziel's Plights are Magnified by Social Media

By Brian Skinnell

In today’s digital age dominated by smart phones, Facebook and Twitter, the phrase “everyone’s a critic” has never ringed more true. Especially in the case of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

When it comes to sports news, and just news in general, it travels fast when it makes it’s way to social media. It get’s reposted and retweeted time after time and, before you know it, everybody who’s everyone has heard about it, read about it and some have even written about it providing their own little spin on things.

That is exactly the problem for Manziel.

Before he even get’s a chance to apologize for his actions or explain himself, the social media world is off and running at a pace that not even the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner can keep up with. To make matters worse, with each new tweet regarding the matter at hand, the story get’s more and more blown out of proportion to the point where some people aren’t even tweeting the facts. They think they are, but they’ve fallen victim to someone else’s ploy to give the story a little added boost.

The best case-in-point is the tweet that Manziel sent out, that has since been deleted, last month exclaiming his urge to leave Texas A&M as soon as possible. Before the sun came up the following morning, there were numerous theories going around as to why Manziel sent that tweet. Some questioned his relationship with his teammates and coaches and other’s suggested that there was some serious trouble that Manziel got himself into on campus.

Reports later surfaced that the tweet stemmed from Manziel getting a parking ticket.

Thanks to social media, the off-field issues that Johnny Manziel has run into the past couple months grew and eventually exploded past the point of no return. They’ve gotten so big that Manziel’s public image is beginning to turn from fabulous freshman to troubled college student.

In today’s modern technology era, athletes need to be extra protective and have a heightened sense of awareness for everything going on around them. Even when they may not be doing anything wrong, all they need is for one well-timed photo or even a tweet of them where they are misquoted to go viral and their public image will be ruined.

Maybe Manziel should take the approach to life that University of South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has taken. He told reporters that his key to staying out of trouble is to, “Just stay out of bars and stay off twitter.”

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