Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel Show Keeps Rolling at SEC Media Days

By M. Shannon Smallwood

More than 200 media folks crammed into a 400 square foot area to get a chance to see the one and only Johnny Manziel to kick off day two of the SEC Media Days. And, as expected, the questions and conversations centered more on the Johnny Football circus than his Texas A&M Aggies and college football.

Manziel was quite confident in his words and made sure everyone knew that he was a 20-year old college kid who likes to have fun and did not make any apologizes about living life. The only question he stumbled on in his 30-minute interview with the media was a question from a female reporter who asked what his favorite class at A&M was so far.

After some stuttering and a long pause, Manziel said it was any of his sports management classes, but didn’t name a specific one.

So in other words, the sports information office in College Station had prepped Johnny Football on every single question except the one about academics. Nice. But after all, the reason why the world love and hates Manziel has nothing to do with his GPA; it all centers around his playboy lifestyle and all the things he does off the field, including his early dismissal from the Manning Passing Camp this past weekend.

“Crazy’s a good word for others,” Manziel said of his offseason. “For me, it’s been fun working out, living life, and just enjoying it. It’s been lots of fun. I continue to meet people and do things that were bucket list. I got to got to Toronto, got to meet LeBron James for the second time and have more of a conversation. I got to go finals games and I’m thankful my parents could go to those places. I got to go to these camps and work with kids, the Elite 11 and the Manning Camp.”

Ah yes; The Manning Camp.

“I simply overslept,” Manziel said on his leaving a day early. “There’s nothing more to talk, and the rumors about the other things weren’t really true. I just overslept and missed a meeting. I absolutely lived up to it. There was no excuse … I’ve just been on a hectic schedule and overslept.”

He did say that he met with counselors when he returned to College Station for some guidance. He alluded to being overwhelmed and just wanted some help to get organized. Despite most of the conversation being centered around the 20 year old’s off-field fun, there were some football related questions he did address.

“I’ve worked a lot to get better,” Manziel added. “I’ve worked with the new guys, and that’s the biggest thing is making sure my teammates are prepared because we’re the ones who will take it to the next level. I’m learning every day. There are situations you learn to shy away from. I used to be a person that watched ESPN and SportsCenter all day, every day. I shy away from it now, articles and things on Twitter, I try to shy away from it. I’m waiting for Aug. 4 to get here.”

Manziel rambled a bit on how what he does off the field has no effect on this season and his relationship with his teammates, which is true. If he performs the same or better than last year and remains the leader on the field, his brothers will continue to rally around him.

No one needs the 2013 season to start more than Manziel and the Aggies.


M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the U.S. Basketball Writers Association. Follow him @woodysmalls.

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