Bad News For Fans Of EA Sport's NCAA Football Franchise

By Corey Elliot
EA Sports NCAA Video Game To End
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The NCAA is pulling their name and trademark from the popular EA Sports NCAA Football video game, which means this year’s “NCAA Football 14” may be the last of the popular franchise.

Due to lawsuits over the past games featuring the likenesses of collegiate athletes being used for free, the NCAA has broken off from the EA Sports because the company owes a lot of money to former student-athletes.

At some point, most fans of college football — and especially anyone who plays the NCAA games — had to know this was coming.

Due to NCAA rules, names of student-athletes can’t be on the video games. A few former college athletes wised up and saw money being made on a video game that their “likenesses” were in, and that has put EA Sports is in the middle of a huge mess that will ultimately be the demise of the popular video game franchise.

For example, on last year’s NCAA football 13, Johnny Manziel would show up to every game late and hung over. Okay, just kidding, but NCAA Football 12 featured Robert Griffin III‘s visor, arm sleeves and hair style on “QB no. 10” for the Baylor Bears.

The NCAA not allowing EA Sports to use their names and trademarks pretty much means if they come out with a game next year, it would be called “College Football 15” and have off-brand logos and nicknames. One of the things EA has prided themselves on over the past few years is the authenticity of the stadiums, mascots, fight songs and bowl games. With the implications at hand, next year’s game will be generic and bland.

This is a bad day for gamers everywhere. It may very well be the end of an era.

One of the best products in the video game industry may have danced it’s last dance. If you’re not a video gamer, let me put it to you this way: it is the equivalent to McDonald’s not being allowed to sell Big Macs anymore. Hopefully, the NCAA and EA Sports will resolve these issues and develop a new plan for the future so college football fans who are also gamers aren’t left out in the cold.


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