Will The Kentucky Wildcats Ever Be A Dominant SEC Team?

By Camille Woodhouse
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

For some time now, the Kentucky Wildcats have not been the cream of the crop in the SEC. In fact, they’ve been far from it. To say the Wildcats have been struggling would be an understatement. In the past 20 years, they have only had six winning seasons and ended last season on a sour note with a 2-10 record. The Wildcats have been at the bottom at the SEC barrel for a while. It seems as if they just don’t have a real, properly functioning team. Watching the team crash and burn so often must be frustrating for Wildcats fans. That is, if such fans even exist.

There aren’t too many good moments to recall from last season. The Wildcats started off on the wrong foot, and it just didn’t get any better as the weeks went on. Kentucky witnessed injury after injury, resulting in most of the players spending more time on the sidelines as opposed to the actual field. Aside from the two games the Wildcats somehow managed to win in 2012, most of the games they lost were royal smack-downs.

In the season opener, the Wildcats lost 32-14 to their rivals the Louisville Cardinals, they were shutout 38-0 by the Florida Gators in the Swamp and were stomped 49-7 by the Arkansas Razorbacks. But the worst game for Kentucky was undeniably their home loss to the Vanderbilt Commodores, a game that resulted in the Wildcats being shutout for the second time last season, 40-0. After that embarrassing defeat, head coach Joker Phillips, now wide receivers coach at Florida, was given the boot.

The Wildcats have been having a difficult time making an impact in the SEC. Sure, they’ve been to bowl games, but Kentucky hasn’t really accomplished enough to mention them along with the names of some the top teams in the SEC. Will the Wildcats ever be a dominant force in the SEC? Perhaps one day, but at this particular moment in time, don’t bet on it.

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