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Florida Gators: 5 Names We’ll Hear Often In 2013

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Florida Gators

The Swamp
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As most of you know, the Florida Gators have been hard at work over the offseason to right the wrongs made in 2012. Coach Will Muschamp is hoping to have another successful season in the books, and he has the players to achieve it. Muschamp has thoroughly prepared his team, focusing on and tweaking the areas where Florida needed the most attention.

Last season, Mike Gillislee, Jordan Reed, Sharrif Floyd, Matt Elam and Josh Evans were Florida’s most noteworthy players. Not a week went by where one of their names wasn't mentioned. Those Gators graduated to the big league in the 2013 NFL Draft this past April, leaving Florida with several returning players who now have a chance to come forward and make a name for themselves. Some of those players missed out on opportunities to shine last season due to injuries, personal circumstances or just not being ready.

With the season right around the corner, many have been worried that, with the aforementioned players no longer on the team, Florida will suffer on offense as well as defense. That will not be the case for the Gators when they take the field next month. With Muschamp and his team of qualified coaches and staff, there's no need to fret. Out of the Gators coming back to Florida for another season, there’s an abundance of talent. The Gators will have their play-makers this season. Let's take a look at the players who I feel will be able to fill the shoes of their prosperous predecessors.

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5. Dominique Easley

Defensive Tackle
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The Chucky doll carrying defensive tackle should have dominated last season. Due to injury, that wasn't the case. However, he still led the Gators with four sacks by the end of the season. Provided there's no injuries, we can expect bigger numbers from Dominique Easley this season.

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4. Loucheiz Purifoy

Corner back/Special Teams/Wide Receiver
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Loucheiz Purifoy had a breakout season his sophomore year, blocking several punts and forcing crucial fumbles, but he's not done yet. We have more to see from Purifoy. Knowing that he will be used as wideout as well as corner and on special teams, his name is bound to be thrown about more often in 2013 .

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3. Matt Jones

Running back
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Running back Matt Jones was a late spark on offense last season, particularly during the in-state rivalry game against the Florida State Seminoles. With Mike Gillislee gone, the starting position is his for the taking. Matt Jones is ready.

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2. Antonio Morrison

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Antonio Morrison is already a name that is making its way around, but it hasn't always been in a good way. He's a linebacker with the potential to do great next season, but his off-field behavior has been overshadowing it. He has the opportunity to change that on the field. That is, after he's done with his suspension.

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1. Jeff Driskel

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The most talked about Gator will be Jeff Driskel, hands down. The Florida quarterback was the talk of the town last season and has been during the offseason as well. His methods have been a little unorthodox, but effective. Enough to get everyone buzzing. People are ready to watch and critique Driskel. His name will be the topic of many discussions.