Should the NCAA Suspend Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel for his Antics?

By Scott DelleFave
Johnny Manziel
Soobum Im – USA TODAY Sports

Defending Heisman Trophy winner and Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel has been living it up, to say the least, ever since winning the prestigious award as a redshirt freshman back on Dec. 6. It’s like he’s been anywhere and everywhere since then: late-night television talk shows such as Dave Letterman, the 2013 NBA Finals in San Antonio, etc. As a result of all of this wheeling and dealing, he is always asked who’s funding the trip, and he insists that he is.

Should he be suspended for his off-the field-antics? The easy answer is no. While underage drinking isn’t something to be taken lightly at all, he is a kid, and like several other 20-year-old college kids, he’s prone to making bad decisions. Granted, he’s been in trouble before, and now with these awards, he’ll have even greater pressure to be a model citizen. When he decides to become a pro and join the NFL, his college play on the field and without question, his off-the-field antics will be highly scrutinized.

In 2013, he is a marked man after winning the Heisman and other prestigious awards, and teams now have a full season of game films to watch and dissect his style of play. It wouldn’t be shocking at all when the Aggies take on the University of Alabama Crimson Tide if Alabama coach Nick Saban comes out and unleashes pure havoc on Manziel and the rest of his offense so that for Manziel gets his punishment on the field of play and doesn’t need to be suspended by the school, the college or even the governing body of NCAA Football for that matter.

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