Kansas Jayhawks: The Silver Lining In Charlie Weis' Big-12 Media Day Comments

By Corey Elliot
Charlie Weis Pile Of Crap
Kevin Jairaj-USA Today Sports Images

Charlie Weis has never slighted me in any fashion. I have absolutely nothing against the guy and, quite frankly, calling out his team from last season was just another reason to like the man.

At Big 12 media day Weis called his 2012 1-11 Kansas Jayhawks a “Pile of crap” and the best part is that his former players couldn’t seem to disagree. Former Jayhawk Bradley McDougald and Toben Opurum were openly honest about the “pile of crap” they came from, supporting Weis and his outspoken, honest ways.

But let us look deeper into this and by looking deeper I’m looking at you, Texas.

How would it have felt if Case McCoy didn’t come in to save David Ash’s rear end and beat the Jayhawks last season with a dramatic last minute drive? Well, according to Weis, it probably would have felt like falling into a pile of, well, you understand.

What may be lost in all of this is that the Jayhawks almost beat Texas and while that isn’t as awesome as it would have been four years ago, there is still something to poke your chest out about if you play for Kansas. There still may be something to be proud about from that game. Other than leading most of it, out of all 11 losses the Jayhawks loss to Texas, this was their closest deficit in defeat. Four points separated the Jayhawks and the mighty Longhorns with their TV network that hasn’t panned out like they planned.

Oh, sorry. I’ll save the Longhorn Network for another rant.

Maybe they weren’t a pile of crap, Weis. Maybe they just played 10 teams that develop their talent and come ready to take care of business week-in and week-out.

I appreciate Weis’s ability to blatantly describe the quality, or lack thereof, he had out on the field last season. 1-11 is awful but keep your head up Weis, there’s always a silver lining. Your “pile of crap” almost beat the Longhorns. So, either your program is rising or their program’s declining.


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