Preseason College Football Rankings: Where Will the Miami Hurricanes Land?

By Chris Cunningham
Miami Hurricanes - Preseason Football
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Where will the Miami Hurricanes end up when the preseason college football rankings are released?

Most “experts” will not have the Miami Hurricanes ranked in their top 25. A few will have them ranked at the very bottom of the Top 25. This is not unexpected.

First, there has been an anti-Miami bias in sports media since the swaggering Canes of the 1980s desecrated the pious altar of “What College Sports Should Be.” No one will ever forget the Sports Illustrated cover story calling on Miami to get rid of its football program after its Pell Grant scandal. Somehow I don’t recall S.I. asking Penn State to do the same after its recent pedophilia scandal. But that’s another article for another time…

The fact remains that most college football media members don’t like Miami. Mark May, Lou Holtz and just about ANY Sports Illustrated writer will always rank Miami lower than is reality. The same will be true this season.

Another reason is that Miami is coming off a disastrous season defensively, and most experts see little improvement in that area. In a season which Miami could face powerhouse offenses like North Carolina, Florida State and potentially Clemson in the ACC Championship game, the defense will have to play well to win. Unfortunately, last season gave voters little reason to believe it will.

Lastly, preseason college football rankings are about one thing and one thing alone. Buzz. They certainly don’t mean anything the way the rankings due at the end of the season. They are there to get fans talking, to get people to flip pages, click links and taunt their friends on social media. It’s about money. Right now Miami is not a sexy team. It is a small school, small alumni base. It hasn’t been nationally relevant in quite a long time. It is much smarter for the experts to choose teams like Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia or Notre Dame. Those schools have bigger fan bases than Miami. Those schools will get buzz.

So, for Miami fans concerned about Miami’s standing in the pre-season rankings, fear not. They don’t mean a thing. For the analysts who love to hate on Miami, let them. The Canes always get the last laugh.

Chris Cunningham is a College Football Writer for You can follow him on Twitter @cunn1431.

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