Replacing Antonio Morrison Might Be Difficult for Florida Gators

By Camille Woodhouse
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

If you were to Google Florida Gators linebacker Antonio Morrison at this moment in time, a great deal of articles will come up concerning his latest run-in with the law, which involved barking at a police canine and slightly resisting arrest. The charges have since been dropped, but Florida head coach Will Muschamp’s punishment still stands. Morrison has recently become infamous among fans and media for his poor judgment and lack of decision-making skills. His conduct off the field has been all anyone’s been able to talk about, but that’s not what will be discussed here. That dead horse has been beaten enough. However, what will be discussed is the outcome.

Last season, Morrison was known for something that didn’t involve handcuffs and a squad car: his forceful, hard-hitting on the field. He accrued 33 tackles, seven assists and 26 solos. One memorable of Morrison’s most memorable moments from 2012 was his powerful hit on Florida State Seminoles quarterback E.J. Manuel. It was a hit so hard it didn’t just force a fumble, it knocked the player unconscious. Morrison is expected to come back with even more gas in his tank than he had in 2012 and is to be, what the experts like to call, a play-maker.

With Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins now in the NFL, Morrison was sure to receive more playing time this season. Not anymore. Given the recent aforementioned unpleasantness, he is now suspended for at least the first two games of the season. This will leave the Gators with a pressing need to fill Morrison’s spot. He won’t be an easy player for Florida to replace, and I’m hoping, for their sake, it won’t be for too long.


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