Florida Gators: Is Trey Burton's Potential Gone?

By Camille Woodhouse
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When he first made his debut as a freshman, Trey Burton was one of the most dynamic players on offense for the Florida Gators.

He was a very versatile player, used by coach Will Muschamp for several different positions. Burton’s popularity began to grow and he soon became a high favorite among Florida fans. But it seems as if his spark has rapidly fizzled out these past couple seasons.

Since Burton’s first season as a Gator, he hasn’t really had as many stellar moments as expected. It’s not necessarily that he’s played poorly, he just hasn’t truly lived up to the hype. Sure, there was his performance in the game against the Kentucky Wildcats in 2010, in which he broke Tim Tebow’s touchdown record. There was also his 80-yard touchdown run against the Tennessee Volunteers last September.

Don’t get me wrong, Burton possesses a lot of admirable skills and qualities that the Gators can benefit from in 2013. For one thing, he’s a solid quarterback. He also has good hands as a wide receiver. Burton is a triple threat, excelling in his speed, passing and catching abilities.

Burton came on so strong his freshman year at Florida, and then his flame died out. With his returning to Florida for his last season, everyone is wondering if he will be able to really show up, show-out and put up big numbers to properly end his time spent as a Gator. He has a lot to prove in his final season. Can he reignite that spark and keep it going for the Gators this season? Or is Trey Burton’s potential just that, potential?

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