Johnny Manziel Wants To Be Just Another College Student

By Brian Skinnell
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, Johnny Manziel, why do you do this to yourself?

This past weekend, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel added some more drama to his already drama-filled off season. The Heisman Trophy winner was spotted wearing a New York JetsTim Tebow jersey and was escorted from a University of Texas frat party.

At the SEC media days not too long ago, Manziel told reporters that he’s just a college student. While technically that may be true, in reality Johnny Manziel is far from an average and everyday college student.

It’s not his fault. Manziel became greater than your average student by becoming a college football celebrity on the field. Once he became the star quarterback, he went from college student to unpaid professional. Whether he likes it or not, he can’t be just another college student. He must carry himself as though he were a professional.

He’s now under the microscope, and by behaving the way that he wants he could ruin his chances of becoming an NFL quarterback. Some NFL personnel evaluators may view him as troubled, a loose cannon or just a maturity nightmare that they would rather not deal with. It’s okay for him to hang out with his friends and go to parties, but he has to remember the magnitude of his social status.

Many college football stars have resorted to online classes, staying indoors and out of the spotlight because they know that every move they make needs to be calculated and will have some impact on their future. South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney says that he stays out of trouble by staying out of bars and off Twitter.

If Johnny Manziel wants to live a peaceful life and not necessarily one of your average and everyday college student, he’s going to have to change. At every social event he attends from now on there will be someone trying to catch that perfect video or photo of him that could possibly get him in trouble.

It’s a sad truth, really, but college athletes, especially superstar college athletes, cannot live the life of every other college student. Every move they make and every decision they face will affect their life and future forever. For Johnny Manziel, his best move at this point is to stay inside, deactivate his social media accounts, lock away his phone and just lay low until the college football season kicks off.

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