Jumping Off the Johnny Manziel Bandwagon is Easier Than You Think

By M. Shannon Smallwood
Johnny Manziel is Not Good for College Football
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it is officially, official…

This sports writer is done with the character that is Johnny Manziel. Fini. Finished. Au revoir. Done-skis. However you want to say it in whatever language you want to hear it. And the rest of you in College Football should be too. Even some of you Texas A&M Aggies fans need to give up your precious wanna be star for a big helping of humble pie.

And this is coming from the guy who said he would beat the Alabama Crimson Tide and would have his Aggies primed for a BCS National Title run in 2013 last fall. This guy really wants to be a fan, but Manziel’s sideshow has simply become sickening.

Manziel made headlines again today in what was either a family Public Relations damage control ploy or a celebrity campaign to pull even more 20-year-old college students over to his dark side. In short, Manziel’s parents went on and on to Wright Thompson about how they fear for the future that their son has set up for himself.

It was only about 400 days ago that none of us knew who this kid playing quarterback was at A&M. We knew nothing of his arrest prior to his first game. We knew nothing of his talent and legend until October and couldn’t believe the near perfection of a football player he proved to be as he stood with the Heisman Trophy in December.

And none of us knew the rock star that is the Twitter king Manziel became. He’s a celebrity that is somewhere between Charlie Sheen and O.J. Simpson but with a much longer story left to tell. Somebody get Lindsay Lohan’s publicist on line one! We’ve got a fresh one! Taylor Swift has already written 10 songs about him and they haven’t even met (maybe).

It’s hard to believe, but Manziel has actually made Nick Saban and A.J. McCarron the good guys of the SEC. Yeah. Let that one sink in and marinate for a bit.

So join this guy who has happily jumped off the Johnny Football bandwagon and is in full production of hater-aide towards the immature, drunken, blow-hard putz that is one tweet away from damaging College Football and the Heisman forever.

Hallelujah! Holy Crap; where is the Tylenol?

M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association.

Follow him @woodysmalls.

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