Texas A&M Aggies: Johnny Manziel In a Nutshell

By Camille Woodhouse

While one of our writers is justifiably throwing in the towel when it comes to all things Johnny Manziel, this writer has decided to give it a go. The Texas A&M Aggies‘ quarterback has found himself plastered, no pun intended, all over the internet due to a recent series of indiscretions. When listening to ESPN radio this past week, it was stated that Manziel has become quite the celebrity in such a short period of time. Unfortunately for him, there’s not much positive light being shed.

The media has been all over Manziel’s recklessness. Whether it was showing up and getting thrown out of a frat party at the University of Texas (the Aggies’ instate rivals), attending another frat party in a New York Jets Tim Tebow jersey or allegedly getting kicked out of the Manning Camp for showing up hung-over, it’s been covered. One thing the media has failed to do is really voice what they believe to be the root of the issue with Manziel.

Too many excuses are being made for Manziel’s behavior. Well, this writer won’t be doing that. Manziel is behaving like someone who has no common sense. It’s even gotten to the point where his own father went public, pleading with Manziel to change his ways. He fears his son is one bad decision away from landing in a jail cell. Yikes!

There’s a good chance Manziel’s problematic ways could render him ineligible if he doesn’t put a stop to it. When your own parents are desperately trying to get your attention by going to the media, it’s probably about time to reevaluate the decisions you make and the outcome they may have on others. To be as blunt as possible, Manziel just needs to grow up. He’s a really talented guy who has a bright future ahead of him. If he can stay out of trouble, that is.

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