Things Looking Worse for Johnny Manziel As Another Autograph Broker Comes Forward

By Andrew Fisher

It looks like things are going to continue to get worse for Johnny Manziel. After reports came out on Sunday stating that the Heisman trophy winner had received payment for autographs, yet another autograph broker has come forward to shed light on the situation.

An east coast dealer claims Manziel was paid $7,500 for signing about 300 mini helmets for him during a session in early January. The reports from ESPN claim that Johnny Football has been recorded on video saying, ‘you never did a signing with me.’ However, there is apparently no video evidence of him accepting money from the broker.

That’s the smoking gun in this case. Is there a way to prove Manziel is signing autographs for money? To this point the answer is – no. All transactions are thought to have been done via cash and thus there’s no paper trail for the NCAA to follow.

As for the all important question of why the inherently wealthy quarterback needs money? This latest broker said he wanted money for new rims on his car. That’s it folks, rims…

Clearly, this story is not going away and it’s only picking up steam as the days go on. Texas A&M has hired the same attornies that represented Cam Newton a few years back, so it sounds like they’ve got the right guys on the job. I hope that Manziel wasn’t dumb enough to leave evidence of any wrong-doing with these signings, but his behavior as of late is starting to make me think otherwise.

Stay tuned to as more details emerge…


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