Hog Football Coach has Arkansas Fans Bieleming!

By Matt Virnig
Bret Bielema, Arkansas Razorbacks Football
Beth Hall- USA Today Sports

If the SEC still doesn’t know the name Bret Bielema after this eventful offseason, then they’re about to be in for a rude awakening.

If there’s a bigger name to watch during this fall camp besides Johnny Manziel or Jadeveon Clowney; it’s the new king of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

After this bizarre and unpredictable offseason full of news, Coach Bielema bolting from Madison and traveling south to Hog Country to coach in the Big Daddy of them all, the SEC takes the cake.

Everything about Bielema gives off a vibe that makes you want to believe that he would’ve been a Big Tener for years to come. From that WWE physique, pointers peak haircut, or that smash-mouth Truman-era offense he made famous at Wisconsin.

Wow! The SEC just got a lot better. Just when you thought that the SEC couldn’t improve with the likes of Nick Saban, James Franklin, Les Miles, Mark Richt and the old ball coach, coach Bielema barges through that door with his pistol loaded and thinks he’s the biggest, baddest drifter in the Wild West. SEC West that is. Classic.

Arguably one of the best coaches in the Big Ten conference bolting for a middle of the road SEC program has to be a blow below the belt if you’re the Big Ten.

This hire has enhanced Bielema’s and the SEC’s name around the country.  Bielema’s offseason has been both jaw-dropping and entertaining to say the least. From the off-the field punches in the gut to opposing teams fans on Twitter, calling out fellow SEC coaches, tweeting the name of recruit/Ole Miss commit, Andy Bauer, and condemning the hurry-up no huddle offenses around college football to taking shots at long-time nemesis Ohio State in the recruiting trail, being in the middle of those gutless comments made by former Ohio State president, Dr. E. Gordon Gee and attending over 20 different speaking engagements around the natural state.

What is legit is the Bielema conviction. This is who I am, love me or hate me. A guy who doesn’t shy away from the spotlight, doesn’t waver when he’s being called out, gets the memo about the SEC and the unstable program that he inherits. He gets that Arkansas has been a middle of the road SEC program since it entered in 1992. He understands the point that when he starts camp this week he has to motivate a group of young men that are coming off one of the worst seasons in that program’s history, worst losses in program history to Louisiana-Monroe and all the national backlash that came with Petrinogate.

If there’s anybody who could motivate this team it’s Bielema. When told at the SEC media day that pre-season polls had his team at the or near the bottom in the SEC West he said, “The lower the better.” With what has transpired in the last 14 months at that university, why not have an ‘us against the world’ mentality?

You have to love that mentality of it’s us against the freaking world this season. Just imagine what that locker room is going look like come early September. The scene of senior fullback Kiero Small in there saying, “Here’s to those who were loving us when we were on top and now hating while we’re at rock bottom. Here’s to those 236 SEC media members who picked us dead last this July.” And imagine Bielema in there, “Here’s to those coaches who said I wasn’t good enough to play college football. Here’s to those media members who say that I can’t be successful in the SEC.” Classic.

Alabama is the best team in college football. Saban deserves a lot of praise, but he has built his dynasty on recruiting great players to fit his program. Bret Bielema doesn’t believe he’ll out-coach anyone. He believes that good players with good coaches equals winning in this league. It’s the same plan that Saban, Miles and Spurrier used to win championships in the SEC. With a favorable schedule like 2010 and the new playoff system being implemented in 2014, Bielema sees his dream taking shape at Arkansas.

Cause no one in America thought Jeff Long could bring together that fan base with the hire of a better predecessor than Bobby Petrino at Arkansas to challenge for a national championship every year. But when that door slammed open and the Razorback Nation saw his face, they all became Bielemers!

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