Photo: Alabama Luring Potential Football Recruits With NFL Dollar Signs

By David LaRose
Alabama Training Room
Kelly Lambert- USA TODAY Sports

It must be nice to be the best. When you are the best there is plenty of opportunity to boast about it and show off the accomplishments that come with being the best.

Right now the best program in college football is the University of Alabama. Both on the field and on the recruiting trail the Crimson Tide has dominated the rest of the college football world. It’s easy for them to boast about their accomplishments from recent seasons because right now they are the cream of the crop and they are attracting even more and more five-star talent.

How do they keep raking in top recruiting class after top recruiting class, besides just being the best team in the country? Well, just let the numbers speak for themselves.

Alabama Recruiting Pitch
Courtesy- Alabama Athletics

It’s hard to ignore a number like that, especially as a high school kid. Alabama surely knows what they are doing when using a tactic like this to sway potential recruits. If you have the ability to boast about the NFL potential that your program has then why not use it, right?

I’m sure that NCAA President Mark Emmert does not appreciate the Tide’s latest recruiting tool by trying to flash dollar signs in recruits eyes instead of a college education. Emmert especially won’t appreciate the timing of this story with all of the other pay-for-play and profiting off of autographs stories floating around college sports.

There will definitely be pundits out there that believe this tactic, of waving dollar signs in the eyes of kids to get them to play for a particular program, is completely wrong and is setting a bad example. For the most part it does set a bad example but I’m sure that Nick Saban and Co. will continue to ignore it like they always do.

Sorry, they’re too busy organizing their next top recruiting class.

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