Miami Hurricanes: Could Ken Dorsey Be Next Offensive Coordinator?

Ken Dorsey - Miami Hurricanes

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Ken Dorsey is one of the most beloved players in the history of Miami Hurricanes. It wasn’t just his 38-2 college career record and national championships, although that helped.

No, Dorsey was likable. Despite being from California, he had an “aw shucks” demeanor that endeared him to Canes fans. He was also known as a hard worker, spending hours and hours in the film room, determined to improve.

In retrospect, Dorsey was not a particularly talented quarterback. He was fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing team. He was throwing the ball to Andre Johnson and handing off to Clinton Portis and Willis McGahee. That makes anyone look better.

That’s not to say Dorsey wasn’t a good player. He was. His steady leadership and coolness under immense pressure was necessary for the Canes to have the success they did. Dorsey’s NFL career was ignominious with forgettable stints with the San Fransisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns. Dorsey finished his football career in 2011 in the CFL.

This past January, Dorsey was named the quarterbacks coach for the Carolina Panthers, where he had spent the last two years as a pro scout. Coaching is a natural progression for Dorsey, who spent as much time in the film room as the coaches, and was a coach on the field in college in many ways. Many expect Dorsey to have success in the coaching ranks based on his work ethic and knowledge of the game.

James Coley was hired this year as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. He has yet to develop his first real game plan or call his first play. It is unknown how he will do, although expectations are high.

However, college football is a transient profession, and most coaches aren’t sure where they will be next season, let alone five years down the road. Perhaps Coley gets a head coaching opportunity. Perhaps he follows former Canes offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch‘s footsteps and goes to the NFL.

Whichever it may be, if Coley leaves the Canes next year or five years from now, head coach Al Golden‘s first phone call should be to Kenny Dorsey.

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  • Canes305

    Honestly, how is this news and why is this your focus and MO with kickoff three weeks away? James Coley hasn’t called one game yet and with everything about to happen with this 2013 team, you’re going hypothetical with Ken Dorsey and a potential offensive coordinator position in 2014?

    Quarterbacks coach for the Carolina Panthers doesn’t make Dorsey ready to run Miami’s offense. Doesn’t mean he’s not ready, either – but would make sense for him to at least hold an OC position somewhere, not just position coach, before an opportunity ever opens up at UM.

    Dorsey is a Miami legend. 38-2, as you said. Heisman candidate. National Champion. Last thing he needs is to come to UM and ruin his legacy by not living up at OC.

    Dorsey could prove to be a great option in time, but IF Coley were to leave after one year, there are a slew of better options you go to in 2014. Let Dorsey keep building a resume elsewhere.

    Furthermore, you also pointed out what you called an “aw shucks” demeanor. How does that bode well for recruiting? Coley is an absolute machine and was a hard-ass and ball of energy and personality that was killing it at Florida State before coming to UM. He’s a Miami native and knows what he’s doing. Until Dorsey can prove that he can (1) call an offense and (2) recruit like a mad man, it’s foolish to beat this drum.

    Even more foolish to “go there” when 2013 hasn’t even kicked off yet. Bigger storylines, bro. –