2013 Texas Longhorns Player Profiles: Greg Daniels

By Corey Elliot
Texas Longhorns Tight Ends
Brett Davis-USA Today Sports Images

Greg Daniels was ranked as the 17th overall DE in the country in the 2010 class. With the abundance of talent that the Texas Longhorns had on the defensive line both active and coming in, a switch to TE was made by the Houston, TX native in order to accommodate his athleticism and abilities and at 6-foot-5, 250 pounds.

As a sophomore, Daniels was hardly a threat for the Longhorns after coming on later in the season for Texas. Daniels caught a total of five passes for 90 yards in an offense that was trying to establish its own identity as much as the defense was.

Now the season that Brown has been pointing to as the year the Longhorns would get back to their winning ways is here. David Ash is primed to have a tremendous season and all of his targets are going to be a big part of that success. The only problem, though, is that Daniels more than likely won’t emerge as a top-tier tight end. Even in the red zone it’s hard to imagine Daniels being a go-to target for Ash.

With the success that RB Joe Bergeron had in the red zone last season and the fact that Daniels will be up against two to possibly three other tight ends for his fair share of playing time, it just doesn’t seem like a lot is in store for Daniels.

The last time a Texas TE was depended upon heavily was during the Longhorns’ 2005-2006 National Championship season. David Thomas was practically Vince Young’s best friend, partially because of the connection Young had with Bo Scaife the year before. Ash doesn’t have a thing for TE anywhere outside of the red zone the same way Young did. Unfortunately, to no fault of his own, Daniels will unlikely be a household name for Texas fans this season.

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