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5 Reasons Why Texas A&M Should Keep Johnny Manziel Out of Lineup

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5 Reasons Why Texas A&M Should Keep Johnny Manziel Out of Lineup

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If there is one thing we should take from Johnny Manziel’s offseason, it’s the fact that he’s interested in capitalizing on his stardom, maximizing his profitability and doing whatever he feels like doing.

Manziel has shown time and time again that his main goal is to take advantage of the position he is in and get whatever he can out of it. He’s been seen court side at basketball games, out a casinos, flashing wads of cash and partying it up whenever he feels like it.

Texas A&M would be wise to put the whole “Johnny Football” saga behind them and look forward to the future. I’m not going to sit here and say Manziel wasn’t a spectacular player, because he was. I also think he was a product of his environment, and that environment is rapidly changing.

Before last season, no one knew Manziel’s name. He was just another freshman quarterback trying to prove himself in the world of SEC football. Now, everyone knows his name, and things won’t come so easily for the college sophomore.

With the most recent autograph saga still unfolding, the Aggies should just figure out where they will go next and let “Johnny Football” go have a whale of a time doing whatever it is he wants to do. They need to focus on football and what they can do to improve as a team. If he were to stick around, there would be too much drama surrounding the quarterback for anyone to concentrate on the team. They would be better off if they told Manziel thanks for the wonderful season, but we’re not interested in dealing what the circus that now accompanies you.

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5. No Player is Bigger Than the Team

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It takes dozens of talented players to be successful in college football. Sure, Manziel was electrifying to watch as a player, but the Aggies' success had a lot to do with how they played collectively. Every time another Manziel story comes to the surface, it reminds us again of what his goals are. To capitalize on his fame and have fun while he is "still just a 20-year-old kid."

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4. Johnny Manziel's Top Priority is Himself

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If Manziel ends up being guilty of selling his autograph, it just goes to show that he's only interested in making the most out of his situation and doing what he can to capitalize on it.

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3. To Send a Message

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Texas A&M needs to send a message to the rest of the players on their team that they are only successful if they come together as a unit, and no single player is more important than they are as a team.

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2. Offensive Line Key to Team's Success

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Once again, it's not to say that he's not an exceptional quarterback, but Manziel's success can largely be tied to the fact that he had one of the best offensive lines in the country in 2012. Senior tackle Luke Joeckel was taken with the second-overall pick and Jake Matthews is returning for his senior season in 2013. This tandem was a force to be reckoned with and had a lot to do with how much time and space Manziel had to operate with in the backfield.

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1. Lack of Focus

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If Manziel is as interested in advancing his own career as it seems, it's hard to imagine he will bring the same amount of focus to the field as he did in 2012. He has already said he can't wait to get out of college and there's no reason to think he will be more focused than he was last season.