Michigan Wolverines Trade Practice for Trip to the Bowling Alley

By Kris Hughes
Michigan Wolverines Football
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

When in preparation for the rigors of a big-time college football season, it doesn’t hurt to have a little balance. It’s obvious that Michigan Wolverines second-year head coach Brady Hoke understands this balance and is putting it into action.

In lieu of practice this afternoon, the Wolverines are making a trip to a local Ann Arbor bowling alley instead to blow off a little steam:


As we all know, Big 10 football is known for being defense-first, punishing and physical in nature and the season is long enough to cause even the most physically-prepared player to miss time with some bumps and bruises. Given this it hardly makes sense to crack each others’ skulls day-in and day-out in early practice preparation for 3-4 months of the same.

It’s far too easy as well for players to get bogged down in the grind of these type of physical practices if there isn’t anything to break things up and add a little levity. After all, we all forget that playing a sport regardless of the level — in spite of the money that drives it — is about having fun and enjoying a time which is brief and fleeting.

I sincerely doubt Brady Hoke will make it a habit for Big Blue to patrol the local lanes, but on a Tuesday in the middle of the mid-August grind, why the hell not.

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