If History Tells Us Anything, The Texas Longhorns Will Be Playing For The National Title

By Corey Elliot
The Rose Bowl
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If I had to bet on the Texas Longhorns playing for a national championship this fall, I would probably find a safer investment for my money. However, Vegas odds aren’t always the most trustworthy source and even your gut feeling is wrong sometimes. In an eggshell, here is how the ‘Horns will punch a ticket to the BCS title game, and it’s very eerie.

Humor me, people; it’s just a “what-if” — a very realistic “what-if”.

For starters, the Longhorns might as well own a time share in Pasadena, CA. The national championship returns to the Rose Bowl in January, and the Longhorns have played for the title the last two times the BCS cycle brought it back to Pasadena. The last trip in 2010 is one that most Longhorn fans would rather forget, but the ’06 Rose Bowl is a memory that outweighs anything else.

Here is the obvious counter to this argument. With the SEC ruling the college football world, Alabama ruling that world that rules the rest of the world and the Longhorns starting at 15th in the polls after three disappointing seasons, how could Texas be anywhere near a national title spot by the end of the season?

I’ve heard this argument before. It was in August of 2008, when the Longhorns were ranked 11th in the preseason polls and the SEC held four of the top 10 spots, including No.1. The Longhorns had a junior quarterback that was still trying to establish himself as a top-tier QB and while he wasn’t horrible, he had endured his struggles.

It was Colt McCoy’s junior season and expectations were high. On top of all that, the two prior seasons landed the ‘Horns in the Alamo Bowl and the Holiday Bowl with wins in both.

But, what does all of this have to do with anything?

Well, it’s August of 2013, the Longhorns are ranked 15th with QB David Ash, a junior who has struggled but has a lot of expectations for this season. The SEC is once again sitting pretty in the top-10 and oh, by the way, the Longhorns won the Holiday Bowl and the Alamo Bowl in two of the last three seasons.

Okay, now this is just starting to get weird.

I understand the likelyhood that the ‘Horns would play in those two bowls and yeah, maybe it isn’t that weird that Texas has a junior QB who has the potential for a breakout season much like McCoy years before. But, in the last year of the traditional BCS cycle and the Big 12 entering a down year outside of Austin, it wouldn’t surprise me if Texas is back in the mix.

The dominoes are set up around the country and like every season, they will fall … just like they did in 2008. So, don’t be shocked if Texas finds themselves towards the top as the season progresses.

Seriously, though, this is all just a little too weird, isn’t it?

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