Miami Hurricanes: Dyron Dye Kicked Off The Team, But That's Not A Bad Thing

By Chris Cunningham
Dyron Dye - Miami Hurricanes
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dyron Dye was recruited out of high school by the Miami Hurricanes as a defensive lineman. Then he was converted into a tight end. This past spring he was sent back to the defensive line.

In the meantime he became one of the central figures of the Nevin Shapiro scandal. Most prominently, Dye was interrogated – I mean interviewed by an NCAA investigator twice in one day. After the second interview, he and his attorney filed a police report claiming the investigator, Rich Johanningmeier, “coerced” him into making false statements against former Hurricane coach Aubrey Hill.  Admittedly, Dye was interviewed three times total and his statements changed each time.

Most recently, Dye injured his Achilles tendon in the spring and did not practice with his team.

On Monday, Dye was kicked off the Hurricanes football team.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem fair. However, keep some things in mind. First, he was not going to be an impact player for Miami. After being a star in high school, this can be a blow for any player. Also clear is that Dye made mistakes in his dealings with Nevin Shapiro. Did he take impermissible benefits? Probably. Did he know of other infractions? More probably. Did he misconstrue the truth about certain things? Almost definitely.

What is certain is that being removed from the Hurricanes football team is the best for both parties. Head coach Al Golden can finally cut the cord to last player connected to the case. The coaches and players can move on without distraction. For his part, Dye doesn’t lose his financial aid and can continue working toward his degree. He also doesn’t lose his eligibility and can go and play for another program.

It is easy to feel sorry for Dyron Dye, but you shouldn’t. It’s for the best.

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