Johnny Manziel Gets Slap on Wrist; NCAA Continues To Lose Credibility

By Andrew Fisher
Johnny Manziel
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M and the NCAA could have made their decision to suspend Johnny Manziel a little respectable by at least making it for one game, but they couldn’t even do that. After weeks of speculation, the Heisman trophy winner has been banned for the first half of A&M’s season opener against Rice. That’s it – one half.

In the end, and as I’ve said all along, there must have been no smoking gun to connect Johnny Football to signing autographs for profit. I absolutely believe he’s guilty of breaking NCAA rules, but it looks like he was smart enough to keep his deals under the table. But at the same time, I’m also not convinced the NCAA wanted to suspend its most popular player. They simply have too much to lose by not having him out there (cha-ching).

This latest saga is yet another example of why people are losing respect for the NCAA by the day. Why even go to the trouble of suspending him for one half if he was found to be innocent? What’s the point? Just so everyone involved can say they did something? The ruling is completely pointless and it will ultimately have no impact on A&M’s season.

From here on out I just hope Johnny Football keeps his nose clean and focuses on football. This will be his last year in college and if it’s a successful one, college football will do nothing but benefit. It appears that all the offseason drama surrounding Manziel is finally behind us and we can finally start to focus on what truly matters – his play on the field.


Manziel ‘Suspension’ is Poor Decision 


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