Johnny Manziel's One-Half Suspension Is a Very Poor Decision

By Connor Muldowney
Johnny Manziel
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel has been suspended for one whole half against the Rice Owls on Saturday. As the team’s first game, the Owls will likely be the subject of a harsh beating by the Texas A&M Aggies.

However, the college football world is set to receive some extremely harsh criticism and flak for what they failed to do with the whole Johnny Autographs case. The NCAA has come to the conclusion, along with the school, that Manziel’s punishment need not be too harsh because apparently what he has done wasn’t enough to warrant a longer suspension.

This is just stupid. Why even suspend the guy if you’re only going to give him a half off in which he will likely look at it as the starters going in and taking care of business while he comes in and bolsters his stats in the second half.

No offense to the Rice Owls when I say this, but they are not a good football team. The Aggies are going to put a hurt on them and the game will likely be over by halftime anyway. If the Aggies and head coach Kevin Sumlin were smart, they would keep him out the entire game instead of just a measly half.

What does this prove? That when you do something wrong or have just been a nuisance to college football for an entire offseason you should be taken out for 30 minutes in a 720-plus minute season? Just pathetic.

I hope the NCAA steps their game up next time Manziel does something wrong — and knowing him, that could be very soon.

Terrible decision by the NCAA and Texas A&M. Either suspend the kid for a game or two, or don’t suspend him at all.


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