NCAA Proves To Be Just As Corrupt As Politicians With Johnny Manziel Decision

By Steven Carollo
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

News broke yesterday that the NCAA has finally come to a decision in the suspension of amateur quarterback sensation for Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel.

Before I say what that is, just a reminder, the reason for all of this suspension talk with Manziel is because he made money off of his signed memorabilia, which violates NCAA policy and warrants a suspension.

Now whether you agree or not about making money as a student athlete marketing your jerseys and such, is besides the point.

Rules are rules.

So what did the NCAA decide on a punishment for Manziel?

They decided to suspend him for the first half, or two quarters, in Texas A&M’s first game of the season against Rice on Saturday.


A whole first half of a game? What a joke. Way to go NCAA.

What about all of the other student athletes over the years who did the same exact thing Manziel did and were suspended for not just an entire game but for multiple games? Why should Manziel get special treatment?

Oh yeah, that’s right; he’s Johnny Football.

He’s a college athlete sensation who is a media hog that gains a lot of attention. And while the NCAA doesn’t condone his off the field actions, they obviously proved yesterday that they condone his ability to grow a large following and spike a ratings boost.

You know what? The NCAA are just as corrupt as politicians.

They have and preach about these strict rules, but when a rule is violated and decision has to be made that would not be in the best interest of their wallets, they always find some type of loophole to save themselves.


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