New York Post Flubs North Carolina / South Carolina Matchup as In-State

By Kris Hughes
Jadaveon Clowney

I’ll readily admit that I’m not a geography wizard. In most instances, I can tell you where states lie within the Continental 48 of the United States. Most of us are probably aware of the differences between North and South, and that those two directions are polar opposites.


Well, apparently this isn’t true of the (in)famous daily rag in Gotham City, the New York Post.

The Post graced its sports page with the gem below, stating that the South Carolina Gamecocks would cover the spread against in-state rival, the North Carolina Tar Heels:

The Carolinas Are Separate
Image Courtesy– Darren Rovell (Twitter)

Now, that is being directionally challenged.

The last time I consulted a map, Chapel Hill and Columbia were in two separate states, therefore (gasp) making the rivalry between North Carolina and South Carolina an inter-state, but not intra-state rivalry.

Rocket science.

In most instances, I would be willing to grant the Post a pass as this being a simple editorial oversight or the mistake of someone who didn’t take the time to actually consider what they were printing, but this is a “newspaper” (some would say just a stones-throw from a tabloid) that consistently trips over their own feet when it comes to their peculiar brand of journalism.

The most recent, and visible bumble was the paper’s coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing in which they immediately tabbed an individual as a suspect in the bombing that was a victim of circumstance, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They also mistook the father of Girls writer Lena Dunham for her boyfriend in an expose about her sitting apart from her fellow co-stars at New York restaurant.

The devil’s in the details, folks, and apparently the Post needs to spend just a little more time finding their devils.

Chapel Hill equals North.

Columbia equals South.



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