Quarterback Controversy Continues for Indiana Hoosiers

By josephsmith
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Hoosiers were able to shake off the dust in their season opener against in-state competition in the form of the Indiana State Sycamores. It was evident the emotions were running high and players for both sides were ready for some hitting. Unfortunately, a player from each team was ejected from the game in two separate incidents (Jake Reed for the Hoosiers and Carlos Aviles for the Sycamores). Let’s chalk those up to good officiating and high emotions by passionate players. Coach Kevin Wilson did have plenty to smile during and after his team’s performance on Thursday night’s game. The team could have done the coach a big favor if a question would have been clearly answered for him. Who will be the No. 1 quarterback for Big 10 play this season?

The Hoosiers kicked off the season with an offensive onslaught scoring 73 points to the Sycamores 35. The Hoosier defense has been a bit off a question mark for most of the offseason. The Hoosiers defenders could not have gotten off on a better foot. Indiana took the ball away twice in the game something that will make any defensive coordinator grin. Special Teams also chipped in with a return touchdown by Shane Wynn. Wynn would also add two more receiving touchdowns.

The running game is going to be an area that the Hoosiers will need to continue to improve on as they move into Big 10 play. They will need the running game to ensure that their prolific passing game can be effective. If the running game is nonexistent then high quality defensive lines in the Big 10 will harass whoever is playing quarterback for the Hoosiers. The top rusher in the season opener was Tevin Coleman but both Coleman and Shakir Bell should be capable backs for Indiana. Stephen Houston was a very capable back for the Hoosiers in 2012 but does not seem to be battling for as many carries as his teammates at the position.

The difficult question for the Hoosiers still is who is the best man to take snaps for their team? Tre Roberson was serviceable in his debut in his return from injury. He showed very few mistakes and took care of the ball very well. Nate Sudfeld saw action as well. Sudfeld put up bigger numbers but also threw for an interception for a touchdown. In all likelihood, the spot is still Roberson’s but it is clear that the coaching staff has plenty of confidence in Sudfeld as well.

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