2013 Texas Longhorns Player Profile: Garrett Porter

By Corey Elliot
Texas Longhorns Roster
Michael C. Johnson-USA Today Sports Images

The Texas Longhorns Garrett Porter is unique. Unlike his teammates, he has been where the Longhorns are trying to get back to. The redshirt senior saw his first action in practices as a redshirt freshman, when the Longhorns lost to Alabama in the BCS National Championship game.

Porter has seen action in 38 games on special teams, but he is looking for an opportunity to put his 6-foot-6 frame to use in a Texas offense that promises everything but failure in 2013. The Odessa Permian graduate was a 2009 U.S. Army Bowl participant adding to his accolades, which include a prep All-American selection and two-time All-State.

The Longhorns are usually never in need of linemen, and this season is no different. It isn’t boding well for Porter when the Longhorns pride themselves on returning 19 of their 22 starters. If the Odessa product wants to see an opportunity become a regular starter, he will have to prove himself against starting center Dom Espinosa.

More than likely, Porter will find himself taking care of business on special teams this season. On the bright side, Porter has been named to the Big 12 all-academic team as a first selection three times. On the contrary to the lack of developing talent, sometimes there is just better talent.

Much like his teammates Joe Bergeron and Malcolm Brown, who will be sharing carries behind Johnathan Gray this season, sometimes other players are just better for the job.

The good part about that is that Porter knows the feeling of a winning season and getting to the national title game. Something tells me he will have no problem with his role if Texas somehow manages to make it back this year.

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