2013 Texas Longhorns Player Profile: Trey Hopkins

By Corey Elliot
Trey Hopkins Outland Watchlist
Matthew Emmons-USA Today Sports Images

The Texas Longhorns have one of the better — while possibly becoming one of the best — offensive linemen in the country. Trey Hopkins is on the Outland Trophy watch list, and on the watchful eye of many NFL scouts.

The 6-foot-4 left guard is one of the keys to the resurgent Longhorns offense. Protecting David Ash and making the running game easier for arguably the best group of backs in the country is a job done well by Hopkins and the other returning starters on the offensive line.

A first team All-Big 12 preseason selection, the senior is a big part of the Texas offense. In fact, the one thing Texas hasn’t seen a severe decline in has been the offense, and much of that is due to the talent that continues to be pursued, recruited and persuaded year in and year out.

Texas’ offense may be one of the most exciting in the country this season. While they have a lot to prove as a team—especially on defense—the one position that is prime for a breakout will be relying on Hopkins and the other returning OL starters to make it possible.

Ash is looking for a breakout year, and the last thing he will be doing is looking at his blind side while having to scramble out of a collapsing pocket. Today’s game against New Mexico State should be a coming out party for the offense (I know, it’s New Mexico State).

Rest assured, there is just as much, if not more, invested in this stellar offensive line as there is in the talent position players. Trey Hopkins will be one of the most valuable players in the country.

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