Alabama Needs AJ McCarron to Improve

By Tyler
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Despite winning their first game over Virginia Tech by 25 points, it is clear that Alabama needs to make significant improvements on offense if they want to win a third straight national championship.  During the first game of the season Alabama could only muster 206 total yards and 14 points from their offense, which are unacceptable results for a team ranked number one in the nation.  As the leader of their team and specifically the offensive side of the football, the onus to lead any improvement must be put on AJ McCarron.

During the first game of the season McCarron never really appeared to have a good rapport with his receivers, resulting in him only completing 10 out of 24 passes for 110 yards.  Some may say that it is still early in the season, but there is no time for an adjustment period in a college football landscape that sometimes takes one loss teams out of the running for the national championship game.

One only needs to look at Georgia’s 2011 season to see that a bad start out of the gate can be the difference in making the national championship game. During the 2011 season Georgia lost their first two games that season before recovering to win the SEC East, but were still nowhere close to garnering enough support amongst voters to compete in the championship.

With a game against Texas A&M looming after a bye week, Alabama will be getting a stern test rather soon. Their defense can not be expected to hold their opponents to only 10 points in each game the rest of the season, especially the high end teams in the SEC. Considering that Texas A&M and Georgia put up 29 and 24 points on Alabama last season, it is clear that at some point McCarron will be forced to outscore an opponent.

If McCarron is able to stretch the field with his arm the lanes will open up for the team’s running backs and the offense as a whole will be a lot more lethal than they were Saturday.  It may seem a little silly to criticize a quarterback that has won two consecutive national championships after one non-conference game, but if college football has taught us anything it is that one game can be the difference in the outlook of a team’s season.

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